Pass Wealth to the Next Generation

At Heritage Home Buyers, we want all our clients to pass wealth to the next generation. Many of our investors have built up their retirement nest eggs and have enough to live comfortably. They are now looking at the next generation, and thinking about buying real estate for their grandchildren. We will address this in … Continued

What to do with My Inherited House?

What to do with My Inherited House? My grandmother was one of the most independent women I knew. She was up to the task of raising five kids in her 625 SF house after my grandfather died in WWII. Fortunately for her heirs, there was no question as to who owned the inherited house or … Continued

Heritage Lone Star

Housing Trends Affecting the Texas Real Estate Market

With 2016 about halfway over, Texas continues to be home to a vibrant real estate market across the state. Knowing the housing trends affecting the industry is vital for planning as well as targeting investment strategies to meet demand. From single-family demand to Houston response to the dip in the energy sector, there is certainly a … Continued

Heritage Millennial Working Woman

Millennials and Real Estate

Among the most important things for any real estate investor to know is the way that their target buyers behave in the market. In other words, you know who you want to sell or rent property to — so what are the things those people are most likely to look for when shopping around? As … Continued

Heritage Foreclosure Highway Sign

Save My Home From Foreclosure

The foreclosure process that homeowners are finding themselves in is stressful and frightening. Many find that they have even fewer options now than they did a few months ago. Unrealistic Expectations There are always new foreclosures being filed around the country, and most of the owners become lazy when it comes to solving the problem. … Continued

Heritage Damaged House

sell my damaged house? We’ll Buy It!

sell my damaged house? Whether the property you own is in poor condition, in danger of foreclosure, or you simply want to sell and get out of the area quickly, the typical process for selling can simply be too slow. Not only that, it’s often a challenge for sellers like yourself to find buyers willing … Continued

Sell my house fast houston

Sell My House Fast Houston!!

Sell My House Fast Houston!! If you are struggling to sell your home to move on with your life, we have three tips to help you sell your house quickly. Sell my house fast Houston! Tip #1 – Make sure your home is priced correctly! This is by far the most essential tip for you to … Continued