See how the Five-Option Heritage Max Value Package equips you to decide what’s best for your biggest investment: Your House!

Elsewhere on our web site we tell you about the three basic options:

  1. Sell with a realtor
  2. Sell on your Own
  3. Sell Direct to a Home Buyer like Heritage Home Buyers

These three options (link here) are what most real estate investors will discuss with you. Depending on the experience, education, and ethics of the one who wants to buy your home, you might get a range of stories. At Heritage Home Buyers, we want you to get the maximum benefit of working with professional realtors who can show you how you can get the maximum price for your home.

But often, that means more time will be spent getting your house ready for the market while your realtor is working to market the house to the most qualified buyer. But after talking to us and the realtor, you might decide to go with Option 2, For Sale by Owner.  The time span is often the same as with a realtor, but you put in more work and can make the same money as with a realtor selling at a lower cost. However, it doesn’t always work out that way. At this point you would learn how much work the realtor really does.

If you’re short on time, you might be interested in Option 3. Good real estate investors have existing relationships with Private Money Lenders who make possible for them to buy your house in 7 days. Sometimes this offer for their home is not backed by any written materials, and the seller can only wonder if he or she is getting the best deal possible.

But what if there are more options? What if you had an army of specialists ready to evaluate your home and offer you more options for you than those three listed above. We at Heritage Home Buyers have good news for you! Allow us to introduce you to the 5-Option Heritage Max Value Package.

We have identified actually nine possible options for typical home sellers to sell their house. The Heritage Max Value Package takes options 1 & 3 above and adds three of these nine options which best fit your needs, and we explain your full universe of alternatives, EMPOWERING YOU to make the decision which best suits your needs.

Full Disclosure

We talk to many people who have called some of the “yellow letters” they get from a bunch of little guys wanting to happen upon you in a weak moment and sell your house cheap. When this happens, they turn around and find an investor like us who has the relationships with private money lenders to buy your house. They say they will buy it, but really they want to make a quick turnaround, sometimes at your expense. are you to do? Well, what your do is contact Heritage Home Buyers. We will visit with you, show you our processes. Develop especially for your property a Comparative Market Analysis, showing you what you can expect if you list your house with a realtor. We also will develop a professional construction cost estimate  for your  home to show you what it will take to bring your home to current market standards. Typical buyers looking to purchase a home for their families these days have gotten quite picky, and are up on the latest trends thanks to the professional property hosts HGTV!

We will tell you what we find on your home. It’s value As-Is, what repairs will cost, what it will take for you to bring up the home to market standards, and what value a rehab will bring you for the home, whether we rehab it or you. And we will determine other options thinking “out of the box”, so you can see possibilities which the other guys likely missed.

That way, YOU are in control of the decisions made on YOUR house. We’re glad to help. It’s what we do. We find that by serving others, we help as many people as possible, and we find enough work to pay the bills and make a little money too. All in a transparent fashion.

WHeritage Max Value Package Coverhat are you waiting for? Call today and schedule an appointment with one of our specialists, and get your 5-Option Heritage Max Value Package.

We want you to get the maximum value for your home, whether its with a realtor in 60-90 days or selling it to Heritage  in as little as 7 days! The choice is yours. 


We Are Direct Buyers, Ready to Make You A Great Offer Now!

You’ve got nothing to lose! Call today and get your Heritage Max Value Package, and discover your options! We will visit you with our licensed realtor and you will see what listing your house on the market could bring, the time it will take to sell it, what you will get if we buy it, and everything in between. We are ready to help you crunch the numbers. We want you to explore all of your options before making any commitments, and find what’s best for you!

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