What Others Say…

It’s important to us that the homeowners we work with have a great experience with us. In the end, we’re not happy if we’re not able to provide you with the solution you want. So, check out what others have said about us. Here’s just a few snippets of what other people we’ve worked with have said.

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Heritage Home Buyers

“I saw their sign in my mom’s old neighborhood and thought I’d call. I’m glad I did…”

Heritage Home Buyers Testimonial“I saw their sign in my mom’s old neighborhood and thought I’d call. It was a relief to talk to someone who understands the process and has a heart. After rounding up the family and going through her belongings in the weeks and months after the funeral, I was emotionally spent, and just wanted it over with. But I also wanted to make sure I got the right amount for the house…” Continued

Heritage Home Buyers

“I was nervous and didn’t want to call…”

Heritage Home Buyers Testimonial“I was nervous and didn’t want to call. But when my husband read through your material and I saw how professional it was, and sensed how genuine you were, I got up the nerve and contacted you. I’m glad I did. I had read so many stories how people lose their homes because they can’t trust real estate investors. We don’t know much about real estate…” Continued

Heritage Home Buyers

“I was at the end of my rope…”

Heritage Home Buyers Testimonial“I was at the end of my rope. It was great to talk to someone who was real, but understanding. My wife had gotten the house in the divorce but it was all in my name. Little did I know the money I was giving her was going to things other than the mortgage. Before I knew it I was…” Continued

Heritage Home Buyers

“I love family owned and operated companies. Especially those with such a heart!”

“My husFront Elevationband and I were simply curious and went next door to see the house remodeling. Little did I know the relationship which had begun. Richard came over to our house and we visited and talked about our neighborhood and the ways he was improving their flip. It wasn’t long…” Continued

Heritage Home Buyers

“…I really liked it that they were transparent with me, and kept their word every step of the way.”

Heritage Home Buyers Testimonial“I had dealt with a real estate investor who had committed to a certain price for my home. But approaching the closing he backed out and needed a price reduction. That was irritating, but when it happened a second time and he still wanted a reduction, I knew something was up. I had heard good things about Heritage Home Buyers and I called them. They visited the house and then…” Continued

Heritage Home Buyers

“Then the title problems happened…”

Heritage Home Buyers Testimonial“…Then the title problems happened. I don’t think anyone else I could have called would have known what to do other than Heritage….” Continued

Heritage Home Buyers

“I knew I had to do something…

Heritage Home Buyers Testimonial“…I knew I had to do something. The letters from Heritage Home Buyers looked professional, and I called….”  Continued